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The Baray Spa

Spa Type: Hotel & Resort Spa

Location: Phuket

Mintra Spa

Spa Type: Day Spa

Location: Bangkok

Zeavola Spa

Spa Type: Hotel & Resort Spa

Location: Krabi

Barali Spa

Spa Type: Hotel and Resort Spa

Location: Trat


About Spa and What is all about

The term is derived from the name of the town of Spa, Belgium, where since medieval times illnesses caused by iron deficiency were treated by drinking chalybeate (iron bearing) spring water.[1] In 16th century England the old Roman ideas of medicinal bathing were revived at towns like Bath, and in 1571 William Slingsby who had been to the Belgian town (which he called Spaw)

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Thailand has something for everyone. Just over a decade ago most visitors from overseas would have undoubtedly believed that this kingdom of pristine beaches, parks, dazzling palaces and glittering temples lacked nothing – until of course, the arrival of the Thai spa. ...more

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