Research continues with the addition of more interesting locations


Over here we have continued to research for more massage and spa locations all over Thailand that gives that uniqueness that is required and expected at such establishments. This year have seen the increase of available locations in go over 600 plus and still counting because more additions will be included in the coming new year. We hope you will be able to find that your unique place among what we have to offer here. But if you have not yet found it, be assured that place will be included very soon.

As the year winds to an end, a lot of you will be making plans of where and what to do for this period. If you are ever in Thailand do make sure you have one or two of the establishments penned down for a visit because no visit to Thailand is complete without a visit to a massage or spa establishment. What a good way to finish or let the old go with the year and allow the new to start coming in for the New Year.

Finally, Seasonal greetings to you all, may the season bring to you the joy that comes with it to all your hearts.