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典he 5-Sense Aesthetics for Your Health & Beauty・ Appearalnce-Taste-Smell-Sound-Touch Appearance: At Benja Spa our building and treatment rooms were built of Greco-Roman architecture and painted of white color. Additionally, they are harmoniously combined with a Thai architecture and various sorts of tropical garden. All your moments in Benja Spa will be comforted with its affinity, safety, relaxation and Thai cultural hospitality. You world will get wonderfully different as you soak in our pools, promenade in our arborous garden amid remarkable nature, get massaged in our classical Thai pavilion, or just practice yoga at our deluxe poolside. Taste: You will certainly get delightful taste of the refreshing variety of juice, cereals, and herbal nutrients especially provided to you by Benja Kitchen. Smell: The aromatic oil will stimulate brain to emit the endorphin that relieves pain, the encephalene that enlivens, and the cerotonin that keeps our physique tranquil and relaxed--all of such fragrance treatments are currently termed as Aromatherapy. Sound: Surely your mind will become amazingly relieved and serene by the melodious nature of water motion, songbirds, and instrumental music. Touch: A remarkable relaxation is taken through aroma oil massage in order to mitigate muscular tension, to reduce excessive weight, to help regulate the functioning of lymph gland and blood circulation. Additionally, a massage by hands, fingers, or aqueous pressure also enormously relieve all tensions. Nowadays there are at least 60-70 sorts of popular aromatic oil, and they can be applied in several methods such as inhalation, massage, bathing with diluted aromatic oil in either cold or hot water (widely known as Spa).

Spa Type: Day Spa

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    Facial massage Facial reflexology massage Aramatic massage Tradition thai massage Foot reflexology massage Physical aroma massage Compressive massage Compressive sport massage Aroma body massage Aromatic body swedish Aromatic body slimming
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    Facial treatments - Facial scrub - Facial reflexology massage - Facial marking for acne - Facial marking for tightening - Neck marking for tightening - Marking to tighten eye swelling - Detox - White mask - Thanaka scrub Body Treatments - Cream scrub - Physical honey scrub - Herb-scenting in tent - Extracted herb scrub - Thermal (hot spa) pool - Aroma spraying - Stream/sauna - Scrub cream rice bran - Scrub cream uniluff - Scrub cream apricot - Thanaka & Milk scrub - Body whitening (AHA) fruit - Detox thai herbal mask - White mud body mask


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Address: 333 Soi 21 Muangthong 2/2 Pattanakarn 61 Road Pravet Bangkok 10250 Thailand
Tel: 02-722-2899 ext:
Tel: 02-722-2900 ext:
Tel: ext:
Fax: 02-722-2900
Business Hours: 10.00 AM - 10.00 PM

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Viparam Hospital,Siam Jusgo

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From:  500 THB


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